Monday, November 26, 2012

Crosses On The Wall

Walls like these can be found in a lot of homes around the south. This one happens to be mine.

Over Thanksgiving someone asked me, "Do they make you holy?" At first I was kind of taken back. It's kind of a family history to goat each other in a joking, hopefully loving way. Then after I brushed it off, I started thinking about it.

This is the answer I wish I would have given:

These crosses are a perfect reminder of how imperfect I am. Christians seem to hold people up to a higher standard. And when we are hurt by our own, we turn on them even harder. Forgiveness is sometimes hard to come by. As it is hard to forgive. Do the crosses on the wall make me better than anyone? Nope. Not by a long shot.

On a daily basis I am reminded of the cost that He paid to set me free. My stains have been wiped clean.

 When I feel like nobody is there for me, He is.

 I am a sinner. His mercies are new everyday. I am grateful.

Without Him, I am lost.

These are the reasons I have the crosses on the wall. They're not for everyone else. Just me.

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