Monday, April 23, 2012

Where's A Cat When You Need One?

The scene: Base of crepe myrtles in our back yard

What's inside: Three baby mice. Momma is nowhere to be found. We're not sure if Tucker has already eaten it or something else did. Maybe she's still lost or something.
This picture was taken after my oldest MOVED them to be safe from the animal that resides in our backyard.

The hunter: One Golden Retriever named Tucker. Sometimes I substitute the "T" in Tucker with another letter.

It was Sunday and we were getting down to the wire as far as packing up to move to our new house. We stayed home from church to get A LOT done. The kids are blowing bubbles trying to get rid of the numerous bottles of bubble solution that has accumulated over time. Then my oldest comes to tell me that Tucker has something. Sure enough when we yell his name a certain way, he knows he's in trouble. He gets as close to getting into the fetal position as possible for an animal his size.

He dropped something. Something that had fur. And a long tail.

Tucker was about to have lunch. A three course lunch consisting of mice. 

Tucker found their nest and was about to eat his lunch when my oldest saw what he was doing. My oldest had just "rescued" the mice from the jaws of our animal and found a new place for them on the side of the house.

In the shade.

With her bare hands.


Without trying to freak her out I told her to go wash her hands with soap multiple times. Hubby and I are just wondering what the hell to do?!?!!? They're live mice. Do we bag them up and put them in the garbage? Do we put them in a shoe box? Give them a cruel death and let the dog eat them and let the dog possibly get some weird funk? Do we put them back in the sun, so maybe the sun will get them? WHAT?!?!?!

I'm freakin' out, but at the same time relieved that we're moving in a few short days.

 From that point on my oldest was set on helping them survive. First, she gave them a slice of cheese. I'm thinking either that's a myth or they were just too young to care. Hubby even took her to go get an eye dropper so she could try and give them water. After her story, the pharmacist gave her the dropper for FREE.

She's laboring over these yucky rodents, while I have to remind her five times a day to feed the 100 pound pooch that resides in our home. The one animal that we intentionally went out to adopt and brought home to be a member of this family.

We finally put our foot down and told her to leave these rodents alone. They could carry disease. She could get sick or worse. All we could think to do at this point is to pray that a cat comes across their path and takes them off of our hands.

On any given day that we've been in this house there are numerous cats that I've seen wandering thru my bushes. Where are they now? Where is the one ferrell cat that I need to do me a favor?  Put these animals out of their misery and move them far, far away from my house!

I'm praying for a cat right now. The cat that will take these furry creatures off of our hands. Like yesterday.

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