Monday, September 26, 2011

Mother Tucker II

Our rescue dog, Tucker, is definitely part of the family now. He came home with us on December 4, 2010. He was an underweight Golden Retriever found wandering the streets. When we first brought him home we studied up on all things that could make a dog sick. We still make sure that the kids never give him chocolate, raisins, and grapes. We've gotten him play toys and he even adopted one of the girls blankets. He drags that blanket all around the house when he wants to show off. 

Along with making sure he doesn't get fed all of the wrong things, this house is on high alert to keep socks away from this dog. We used to blame the dryer for missing socks. But no more. Tucker will find a sock*, eat it then he disposes of it in the backyard. He disposes of it through his rear end. 

Let me get this straight, chocolate causes dogs to have high heart rates and vomiting. And grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. But, socks passing through a dog's digestive system isn't fatal? We're at a loss as to why he hasn't learned not to eat socks. 

I could almost understand if he wants to chew on it. But then leave it on the floor and move on. What about a sock even tastes remotely good enough to swallow??? He must have a stomach made of steel to be able to pass these things through! I wish this dog could talk to me and explain his silly infatuation with socks. Then I could knock some sense into him to where he wouldn't eat socks any more. 

This dog is a part of the family. He's a goob. I guess I need to get used to buying lots of socks. And hopefully finding less and less of them in the backyard as time goes by. 

*obviously I can't be vigilant enough to make sure every stinkin sock finds its way to the laundry bin

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  1. Dogs thing the world is their oyster) Do not lose vigilant attitude toward them)