Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This family has been cooped up in the house since last Saturday...it's now Tuesday and they've called for an ice storm tonight. JOY!!! There is only so much you can do when at any given time someone is running a fever, or coughing and hacking or just being a blob. This has not been fun!

BUT, I have made my motto for this year, "2009, a year of thankfulness". We are together, we WILL get over this. We have heat to keep us warm. We have food to tide us over. We have plenty of Tylenol and other meds. We have plenty of episodes of "The Twilight Zone" on the dvr from New Years to pass the time. This will not last forever.

We get to look forward to the ice melting. We get to look forward to a fun Valentine's Day with the kids. We get to look forward to Jaimee's 4th birthday and my 40th birthday!!! I am excited. We get to look forward the Spring season.

Just look forward!!!

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