Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Marriage Rocks!

In the midst of all the turmoil this weekend, my marriage is stronger than ever! Right when our troubles began, we made a pact to not get mad at each other. It was nobody's fault. The power train going out on my car is some freak thing, that will either get fixed or, find it's way to the auction block!

I have a good man. I have a great man! I need to tell him more often. Me and my children are his priorities. You can't beat that. We work well together. The other weekend when my in laws bought our treadmill, we got the beast of a treadmill out of our bedroom before the in laws got there. We are a great team! God gave me a wonderful gift in my husband. He may not know how to fix a toilet the right way, or build a tree house, but, he truly loves me. He's a wonderful father. I can look in the eyes of my girls and tell them, when they grow up they need to find somebody to marry just like my husband. How many wives can say that about their husbands? He's a great provider. I'd rather have my husband than somebody that can fix a toilet the right way, who is a complete and utter jerk! Who wants a know it all jerk?

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